Would you invest in @Lodgify?

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I have recently been asked to name a startup I would invest in and explain my reasons therefore. Although many startups came to my head, explaining the why isn’t that easy. Do I have an investment strategy? Do I have a preference for any sector, geography or the stage of investment? Do I have a programmatic way (as Tomasz Tunguz puts it) to analyze a startup? I don’t but rather trusted my gut feeling when thinking about startup investing.

It is not difficult to find some help here and build your own process. To name a few, authors, Rob Johnson, Antonio Manzanera and Mahendra Ramsinghani  for instance, have gathered the most common factors applied by investors in their initial assessment. I will focus on market and competitive advantage. For obvious reasons I will not analyze the team in my assesment, although most VCs agree that this is the most important factor. And now let’s move to my reasons.

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