This is my Fantasy VC Portfolio

If you could screw up in 9 out of 10 startup investments, where would you invest?

As you know if you have read my last posts, I enjoy analyzing startups and industry trends. Below you can find a list of the ones I would invest in. I am an active and paying user in some of them. Regarding the others, purely guts intuition.

I intend to post again in a few months and see how they did in terms of growth and funding, just like Danielle Morrill (Mattermark) did here.

  • Bubble | SaaS, Sofware Development | No known funding | You can build anything with their software (without coding knowledge), it is mindblowing. Some folks took the time to…wait for it, copy Twitter! (check it out: As Intercom puts it in this post, not everyone needs to be a mechanic (programmer) to drive (to build a product).
  • Lodgify | SaaS, Vacation Rental | $2.27M | My analysis, here.
  • Tribe | Messaging, Mobile App | $3M | Just check this video. Should Snapchat be worried?
  • Coursera | Education | $146M | Simply put, this is a revolution. I can’t stop taking courses.
  • Hardbound | Media, Mobile App | No known funding | Stories designed for your mobile phone, 100% innovative, safe bet. Nathan Bashaw, Hardbound co-founder, was there in Product Hunt’s early days and the way he writes about this new project ensures its success.
  • Strikingly | SaaS, Web Design | $1.5M | It’s great if you want to build simple landing pages and MVPs.  I have used it for over three years now and have seen them grow.
  • Bebee | Social Network | $11M | The Spanish Linkedin.
  • | Online Publication | €400K
  • shaRing | IoT | No known funding | I have just seen a prototype of their product, but the team and the fact that they are supported by Imagine Creativity Center are two good reasons.
  • | SaaS, AI | $700K | Chatbot builder, easy to play with.

Funding Data as of November 4, 2016. Sources: Mattermark, CrunchBase, and AngelList.

Would you invest in any of them? 🙂

Author: Francisco José Hidalgo-Barquero

Asesor de Fusiones y Adquisiciones. Consultor de Negocio.

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